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Girl Wearing Dress

Noir Beige is a curated selection of independent fashion labels and vintage clothing ​that we admire. We are excited to introduce new emerging designers having fresh ideas and a passion for slow fashion.  The brands we carry are ethical and have low impact production with natural resources. We focus on supporting sustainable fashion and value craftsmanship with high quality and uniqueness.

Buy Less, Choose Well, and Make It Last.

Our mission is to offer timeless, long-lasting, and essential clothing for effortless style with natural fibers and colors while taking responsibility socially and environmentally. 

Classics That Are Never Boring.

We always seek out timeless classic and effortless elegance with feminine details for a modern lifestyle. 


Nature has every color and shape, and all the elements in nature always inspire us for eco friendly fashion. We are also inspired by artistic objects, paintings, and architecture. 

Claude Monet The Seine at Giverny Mornin
aMar (criado por @viihrocha)
Artist, Furniture, Pierre Augustin, Rose
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