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How To Dress Minimal Style

Minimalism is the trend now in everything. People are trying to keep their lives as minimal as possible, and so does fashion. However, looking stylish with minimal fashion is not always easy. Here are the ways and tips for dressing minimal but fashionable style.

  • Tone down with neutral / earthy colors.

The best way to look minimal is to wear neutral colors. This makes the effortless look which suits well to the latest trend. You will look very stylish and chic without even trying.

(cardigan) vintage Givenchy

(skirt) Lemaire

(barrette) Sylvain le hen

(bag) Bottega Veneta

(shoes) Emme Parsons

  • One-color styling: all black

If you want to have a minimal look with clothes having details like ruffles and pleats, you can match them with the same color items as tone-on-tone. Just keep in mind accessories minimal. Matching all-black looks even chic!

(top) Lemaire

(dress) KARU

(bag) Lemaire

(shoes) Jil Sander

(earrings) UNI

  • Keep it simple & basic.

A look with basic t-shirts and jeans best shows one's natural characteristics. It's not only a stylish minimal look, but these essential timeless items will also keep one's wardrobe minimal and sustainable.

(necklace) Knobbly

(top) A Mente

(jeans) The Row

(shoes) Maison Margiela

(bag) Building Block

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