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In Trend : Patchwork

If you think of patchwork, you might consider it as old fashioned or even ugly. However, the patchwork has been on-trend in fashion for quite a few years now. We can see beautiful patchwork designs from runways to the streets.

(left) Paris Fashion Week photo by

(middle) Street fashion photo by

(right) Street Style photo by

You might have usually seen patchworks in denim or quiltings. Still, there are various patchworks with other types of fabrics, such as suede and wool. They are easier to mix and match than you think, and all colors of denim are always the good ones to match with. The patchwork item is also perfect to finish a vintage look.

(left, middle) Burberry

(right) Acne

We have an amazing patchwork mohair vintage sweater at our shop. It is even one-of-kind in mint condition!

(bag) Loewe

(skirt) CO

(ring) UNI

(earrings) UNI

(shoes) Jimmy Choo

This lovely pullover mock neck sweater is so versatile that you can wear it with a pair of jeans and sneaker for a daily chic casual look or match it with a midi pleats skirt and flat shoes for a feminine look.

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