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Fast Fashion = Retailers Who React Fast On The Latest Trend?

Still, many people consider fast fashion positive as it continually provides new styles at low prices. People content with that they keep up with the latest trend and not fall behind by using fast fashion. However, we should see more things than just design and price when buying somthing.

For example, how come does a t-shirt only cost less than $5? 

- We all know this price cannot exist if the retailers source decent material, produce with low impact, and pay fair wages. In fact, worker rights of fast fashion employees are strongly violated, according to Euronews

- Some would say that they are cheap because they are produced in bulk. But who would fulfill all the bulk production in such a short amount of time?

- Also, bulk production itself is a problem. Volume-based business models simply cannot become sustainable. (Los Angeles Times, 2019) If products were not sold, they would have to go to landfill. Even if most of them were sold, people would easily throw them away since they could buy more at cheaper prices. In fact, three out of five fast fashion items end up in a landfill. (Clean Clothes Campaign, 2019)

We need to think thoroughly about what we pay for: even as little as just $5.

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